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    ERROR:ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

      Hi All,

      While executing the step: 1-Complete configuration of Maintenance Wizard (Required)

      1- Configure MW
      2- Task: Configure MW
      3- Scrip Executer

      Script Output
      Execution Complete
      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Checking that Remote EOF_HOME is only a directory name, not a path...ERROR:ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon deniedSP2-0640: Not connectedSP2-0670: Internal number conversion failedUsage: { EXIT | QUIT }     [ SUCCESS | FAILURE | WARNING | n |       <variable> | :<bindvariable> ] [ COMMIT | ROLLBACK ]**************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **** ERROR!!! **** **** Project node configuration has FAILED with the problem(s) below:!!! **** ------------------------------------------------------------------- **** **** Invalid value for REMOTE_EOF_HOME.** Solution: Remove all slashes in the value for REMOTE_EOF_HOME.** The value must be a simple directory name, not a path.** Please have the Project Administrator return to the Modify Project ** screen, change the value for REMOTE_EOF_HOME and re-run Step ** 1 of the Configuration category. **************************************************************************************************************************************************************** DO NOT PROCEED WITH ANY OTHER STEPS UNTIL YOU RE

      thanks in advance!