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    appending SQL to expression framework generated queries.

      I am using MS SQL Server

      It has been recommended to use some hints to help our Report Queries.

      Original recommendation:


      option (maxdop 1)

      to the end of the query

      i.e. SELECT xxx FROM CUSTOMERS WHERE customerID = 'ALFK' order by customerType option (maxdop 1)

      The following method does not work, but it conveys the idea of what I would like to accomplish. Our report queries are created using the ExpressionBuilders and not "Raw SQL".

      private Object doExecuteQuery(Session session, DatabaseQuery request)
      String HINT = "option (maxdop 1)"
      if (request instanceof ReportQuery)
      String sql = request.getSQLString();
      request.setSQLString(sql + " " + HINT);
      return session.executeQuery(request);

      Is there a way to append SQL to the end of a query? The postFixSQL() methods only append to the end of the where clause, not the end of the whole query, which is what I need.