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    Submitting a concurrent request set through an API call


      I'm very familiar with utilizing APPS_INITIALIZE and FND_REQUEST.SUBMIT_REQUEST to submit jobs from the back end, however, I have a request set that I need to submit. Anyone familiar with the API used to submit concurrent request sets?

      I'm trying to avoid having to use FND_REQUEST.SUBMIT_REQUEST in succession to create multiple jobs and would prefer a more direct approach.

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Please see these docs/links.

          How To Submit A Concurrent Request Set Using Fnd_Request.Submit_Request [ID 382791.1]
          fnd_request.submit_request Returning 0 Using pl/sql block [ID 812879.1]
          How to Submit a Report Set from a Custom Form [ID 104260.1]
          Most Commonly Used FND APIs in APPS Customizations [ID 221549.1]
          How to Use FND_REQUEST.ADD_LAYOUT When Submitting a Concurrent Request Via a PL/SQL Procedure [ID 308658.1]


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            Cuauhtemoc Amox
            It is documented on the developer guide. Quite similar to launching individual requests however as you still have to prepare every stage and provide the parameters for them. Unless you create a request set with programs that require no parameters of configured so they can be inherited, it still will require more or less the same amount of code.
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              Rakesh JS
              Did any of you succeed in invoking a concurrent request set from BPEL. In my case i had to create 2 apps adapters : one for calling the api APPS.FND_SUBMIT.SET_REQUEST_SET and the next for calling the API APPS.FND_SUBMIT.SUBMIT_SET. i am getting a success response for the first one however the second invoke is failing to register the concurrent job.

              I am unable to identify where it is specifically failing.