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    Update a Member Property Using "OUTLINELOAD UTILITY"

      Hi All,

      When, I was uploading the Metadata i came accross an Issue.

      My Entity Member has been linked with 3 attributes(M/N/O)....

      Entities "CC Function" "CC VP" "CC Director"
      XYZ , M , N , O

      now i wanted to delete the attributes(M, N,O) linked to the Member"XYZ" (they are 50 Members facing same Prob)
      As my Recent outline update made the attributes to link to its child.

      I used the file

      Parent Entities Alias: Default Operation Base Currency CC Function CC VP CC Director
      ABC , XYZ ,123 ,Update ,USD , *, , .*

      for Outlineload Utility

      But still the "XYZ" entity has been linked to all the 3 Attributes... when i see it on planning....

      to delete the attributes, Is there any other way in OutlineLoad Utility.cmd