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    Rename Member Using "OUTLINELOAD UTILITY"


      I am loading the metadata using the "*Outline Load Utility*" in the Planning Application..

      But i was just unable to find the way to rename the existing member.
      Can anyone help me out with this.

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          This link might be helpful "Renaming planning members" : -

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            unfortunately the outline load utility does not let you rename members, if it is only a few members to rename then you can do it in planning, if it is a lot of members then you have to look at an alternative solution.


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              Thanks a lot Vikas and John,

              I guess i need to work on ODI tool to rename the Existing Members in the Planning application, Since There are lot of member to be renamed.
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                It can be done without ODI, the official method would be to export the data against the members you want to rename, rename the members in the data. delete the members in planning using the outline loader, load the new members using the outline load utility, load back in the data.
                The other way is shown in the blog post which can be done without ODI by going direct to the relational tables, this method is not officially supported though.


                • 5. Update a  Member Property Using "OUTLINELOAD UTILITY"
                  Hi All,

                  I was uploading the Metadata i came accross an Issue.

                  My Entity Member has been linked with 3 attributes....

                  Entities     "CC Function"        "CC VP"     "CC Director"
                  XYZ   ,          M         ,      N         ,    O

                  now i wanted to delete the attributes(M, N,O) linked to the Member"XYZ" (they are 50 Members facing same Prob)
                  As my Recent outline update made the attributes to link to its child.

                  I used the file

                  Parent     Entities     Alias: Default     Operation     Base Currency     CC Function     CC VP     CC Director
                  ABC , XYZ      ,123      ,Update     ,USD          ,*     , , .*

                  for Outlineload Utility_
                  But still the "XYZ" entity has been linked to all the 3 Attributes...

                  to delete the attributes, Is there any other way in OutlineLoad Utility.cmd
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                    Try using <NONE> in the attribute column for the member you want to remove the attribute from.