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    Error in the 10.2 and 9.2 UTL_FILE documentation

      The 10.2 and 9.2 documentation for the utl_file.fcopy procedure provide the wrong names for the first two parameters


      The 11.2 documentation correctly notes that the names of the first two parameters are SRC_LOCATION and SRC_FILENAME. But the 10.2 documentation refers to them as LOCATION and FILENAME. I've verified in a 10.2 database that the parameter names are actually SRC_LOCATION and SRC_FILENAME. I assume that the parameter names were also SRC_LOCATION and SRC_FILENAME in 9.2 but I don't have a 9.2 instance to test with.

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          Thanks for noting this specific case and raising the general issue of errors in books for "old" releases. In most cases (including, I would think, this one), acknowledging the error and fixing it for the current release and future ones is sufficient.

          The following statement has been approved by some people in Oracle Database documentation management: "We usually make corrections only for the next revision of the book for the most current available release and for upcoming releases. If there is a strong business need to make corrections also to published versions of the book for previous releases, we consider that on a case by case basis."
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            Did you ever consider publishing an erratum list for those books (of old releases) that will not get a later revision?