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    Converting a file in an array of bytes and viceversa.

      Hello everyone.
      I'm a new member of the forum (not gonna use this thread to introduce myself, i think there should be a section to do that) and kind of a newbie in java.
      As the title says, i need a way to convert a file (that exists somewhere in the filesystem) to an array of bytes (or a list of arrays of bytes if necessary) and a way to do the opposite (transforming the array of bytes, or the list of arrays, in the original file).
      Basically, the code would be something like this:


      +class MyClass{+
      byte[] bytes;

      +byte[] toBytes(aFile){...}+
      +File toFile(byte[] bytes){...}+

      How can i implement the toBytes() and the toFile() method?

      Thanks in advance for your help.