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    how to get default dashboards when users logs in


      I've 3 users and and i designed 3 dashboard .

      Let's say User1,User2 User3 and Dashboard1,Dashboard2 and Dashboard3. If user1 logs in by default he can get dashoard1 and if user2 logs in by default he can get dashboards2 s\, How to Achieve this.


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          Deepak Gupta

          Setup a table like http://obiee101.blogspot.com/2008/06/obiee-directing-user-to-default.html
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            default dashboard for all the users.
            *1. Created a session init block*
            *2. Used data source as select '/shared/SH Test/_portal/Test1' from dual 3. Assigned this value to PORTALPATH session variable 4. In Presentation services > Administration > My account > Default dashboard should be set to 'default'. Then only the dashboard specified in init block will be displayed otherwise My account will override the init block.*
            *5. Save the changes made to rpd.*
            *5. Logout and relogin to see if it is working fine. it is working perfectly fine.*

            For details please refer the GSC replication document. But it is for all the users.

            if customer would like to have user/group based home page.
            *1. They may need to have 2 separate tables.*
            i. Group_path_tab with 2 columns. Group_id, portal_path Have group wise portal path for all the groups ii. User-group map table Group_id, Group_name, user_id

            User should be part of some group.

            *2. Then in the init block write the sql should be something like this*

            select A.portal_path from Group_path_tab A, User_group_map B where B.user_id = :USER and B.Group_id = A.Group_id

            SO based on USER session variable, it will try to identify the group and then the portal_path.
            Finally assign this value to PORTALPATH session variable.


            Kindly refer the below one..it will very helpful to set homepage for to be different on a per user/group basis


            Init block

            select '/shared/AFS/_portal/GPC AFS Reporting' from dual
            Variable target is PORTALPATH (IT'S CASE SENSITIVE)

            '/shared/AFS/_portal/GPC AFS Reporting'

            finally it's be like this

            actual (earliar one)
            http://w01sgpcbiapp1a:9704/analytics/saw.dll?dashboard&PORTALPATH=&/shared/AFS/_portal/GPC AFS Reporting
            after calling default one :




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