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    Ops Manager now bundled with Support

      Does this mean the end of SMC?

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          I think that link may be dead, but I assume it was about Ops Center being free if you had a support contract?
          Does this mean the end of SMC?
          Ops Center still doesn't offer all the base features of SunMC (missing support for older hardware, application monitoring addons, more limited performance reporting, fewer OS metrics) but it has so many other features (patching, provisioning, virtualization management) most customers don't care. And for the features it lacks, OEM and Halcyon are filling the gaps. I've been talking to a lot of accounts about migrating from SunMC to something newer.

          SunMC drops out of active "premier" support at the end of 2011... and it will never support the newer hardware or Solaris 11... so unless you have a SPARC environment that will never be refreshed you'll probably be kicking the tires on Ops Center at some point.