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    Copy to Oracle function: copy a DB2 table


      I need to copy a single DB2 table to Oracle. I'm usign SQL Developer version 3.0. I downloaded and configured JDBC UDB Db2 driver version 9.7 (according to DB2 dba, this is the right version). I can connect to DB2 Instance, i can execute queries but SQL Developer does not show any table in the "Connections" view under the DB2 instance connection icon. A similar problem happened to me in the past with Oracle: I resolved that issue asking the dba to give grants to meta data info tables.
      With db2 we tried to access the db using an administrator user, with all the grants available, but still sql-developer gives not meta information at all (tables, keys, indexes etc) on this db2 connection.
      Could you please give me an idea on how to fix this issue?

      Thanks a lot