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    Creating Collaboration Projects and Knowledge Directory Folders using APIs

      Please excuse me as this is my first blog entry (ever).

      I have been searching and trying to do the following automated tasks using the ALUI idk/ remote APIs. So far I have had little luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      1) Creating Collaboration Projects under specific Collaboration Folders

      I am able to create collaboration projects and/or folders easily with the remote apis. However, I am unable to find a way to create a new Collaboration Project in a specific Collaboration folder. At this point all projects/folders are created in the base collaboration folder.

      Code Sample:
      ICollaborationFactory collabFactory = PortalRemoteSession.irs.getCollaborationFactory();
      IProjectManager projectManager = collabFactory.getProjectManager();
      IProject newProject = projectManager.createProject(Name,Desc);     

      2) I need/want to create a tree of folders under a base knowledge directory folder.

      To date I can not find any documentation or api methods to do this. I can see the info in the database, but it looks complicated, so a db approach is not desired. Can this be done with remote APIs?

      Please let me know if you can help.