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    CSS and Java Objects

      I had a crack at starting a conversation on the use of CSS vs Java Objects a while back and didn't get much interest. It's still niggling me so I've just raised this issue: http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-17293

      Basically I am keen to see JFX define it's styles in code as Java Beans and the CSS is just used to populate these beans. More detailed description and the advantages I see for this are listed in the issue above.

      I would be interested in know whether other people thought this was a good idea, a bad idea or were just plain indifferent. Are the silent masses with me on this one, or should I put this demon to rest and move on with my life?

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          I saw this idea during the beta it was interesting and serves as another option for developers/designers.

          In my very small business I have to move between two persons the developer and designer/Graphic Artist. The designer loves CSS feature of javafx but hates development and simple make suggestion for the developer to change amount/type of data needs for to complete or enhance interface design. They work well together one in his world of CSS and Photoshop and the other in MySQL and netbeans. I simply don't have the heart to mess with such a good team.

          But for those wears multiple hats and see development and design as one your suggestion should be given serious consideration.

          As for me I would keep them separate.
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            David Grieve-Oracle
            Thanks for creating the feature request.