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    Problem playing RTP stream


      I am still experimenting with JMF so idecided to building RTP aplication ( server and client) using JMF cross platform library on Ubuntu operation system. The main goal is to transfer audio from mic from server application to client application.
      It seems like pretty easy solution, but it's not. Apparently i have no problem to transfer the audio from mic and play it using vlc as rtp client. But the problem occurs when i try to use Player to listen the rtp stream, it just cannot connect to the stream.

      I was testing with AVReceiver2 example program and still it's the same effect. I am sending the RTP stream as it is without the usage of any Buffer.

      I just can figure out where the problem could be.

      Please tell me what can be the possible problems with the program to not be able to play to RTP stream.
      I am not sure what program code can be useful for you to analyze so if you need something i can provide it here