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    Summary screen

      OPA 10.2 can have more than one summary screen . However there is only one default summary screen. So if I add two summary screens, how can I use the other one? And How can i conditionally show the two summary screens??

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          If you have not figured it out by now then what you are looking for is known as 'Screen Flow' :)

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            Davin Fifield-Oracle
            Actually screen flows don't give you want you want here, as you add flows to summary screens, not the other way around.

            The simplest way to swap to a different summary screen conditionally would be to have some javascript that redirected to the URL of the alternative summary screen, when you want that other screen to be displayed.
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              How can I get the url of the other summary screen??
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                Davin Fifield-Oracle
                The topic on the Web Determinations URL API explains how a screen URL is constructed. You need to substitute in the id of the summary screen you want to switch to.

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                  Thanks Davin..
                  Developer help gives the following:
                  Go to an Authored Screen:
                  http://<web-determinations url>/screen/<rulebase>/<locale>/<authored-screen-name>?postredirect=<screen-post-url>

                  What to put for <screen-post-url> ?
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                    I created a summary page named summary2. So now my project contains two summary screen summary(default) and summary2.
                    When I hit the following url it works fine.

                    But when I hit the following it gives error.
                    "An error occurred trying to process your request.
                    This error has been logged and is available in the application logs.

                    For support and assistance please contact support@domain.local"

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                      Jasmine Lee-Oracle
                      I'm curious why you want two summary screens? If you explain what you're really trying to achieve, then we may be able to suggest an out-of-the-box option, rather than you resorting to using code. For example, if you want different attributes displayed on the summary screen at the start of the interview vs the end, then this can be achieved with visibility attributes.

                      Out-of-the-box features and functionality should always be considered first before resorting to code and customisation.

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                        Davin Fifield-Oracle
                        You need to use the full form of the URL.

                        For a summary screen, the bit immediately after the language identifier should be something like this:


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                          @Jasmine I have a business requirement to have two summary screens. Moreover OPM allows you to create more than one summary screen out of which one is default. Can you tell me why OPM allows more than one summary screen when it supports only one to be shown???

                          @Davin. The solution is not working its giving me the same error.

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                            Jasmine Lee-Oracle
                            Oracle Web Determinations (OWD) is an implementation of a subset of all possible requirements one might have for a web-based application. OWD functionality out-of-the-box isn't, and doesn't claim to be, all things for all people for all requirements.

                            The ability to create multiple summary screens in the same screens file is there because there may be rare occasions where multiple summary screens really are needed, so there's a hook there to allow for it.

                            Similar reason as to why we allow for custom properties in OPM. You can add a custom property to an element in OPM, but the property won't do anything until the associated bit of custom code exists.
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                              This is what I am asking. How can I write that piece of code so that I can use one than summary screen in OWD.
                              Please help.
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                                Sean Reardon-Oracle
                                You are asking a specific "how" question - and Davin has pointed you in the direction of the help information that is available for that - and has answered your follow up question.

                                But... like Jasmine I wonder if there might be other ways to do whatever it is you're trying to do so you don't need to deal with the API and writing custom code at all.

                                Why do you think you need to have 2 summary screens? It is VERY easy to get caught up in the idea that you have to implement a particular thing in a particular way. The question is being asked to try to understand where the requirement comes from to have 2 summary screens.

                                Wanting 2 summary screens is an unusual implementation path. In the absence of a specific requirement from the customer/client to implement 2 summary screens (which would be a VERY bad requirement because it dictates your implementation) there is presumably some level of functionality that you are trying to achieve here. Side note would be that if the customer told me they wanted 2 summary screens in a requirement I'd still go back and ask them why.

                                There are always different ways to go about getting to a particular level of functionality. 2 summary screens might be 1 way of doing whatever it is you need to do. But there might be other options. If the other options don't require you to create custom code then why would you want to create the custom code? If we can understand why you want 2 summary screens we might be able to suggest other options for getting the same result.

                                So the question remains - what are you trying to achieve by having 2 summary screens?

                                When I see someone saying they want 2 summary screens I would tend to ask questions like -
                                why can't this be done using visibility attributes?
                                why can't this be done having different screens added at the end of the relevant question flow which gives me the answer(s)?
                                more generally: what is it about the summary screen that makes you think you want 2 of them?

                                It's also worth explaining the "why" because I'd imagine the products team would also be interested so that they know more about how people are using the product so they can make it easier to achieve the functionality people are wanting (again the "why"). Which adds further to Jasmine's comments. OPM allows more than one summary screen. OWD is an implementation supporting only 1. OPM and OWD are separate (although related) products.
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                                  Thanks for your answer.
                                  I know that visibility can be controlled on a summary screen but it wont be a substitute to a new Summary screen. What I want is to include summary screen in the screen flow? however there is no option to add it in a flow. So I figured out that there can be more than one summary screen. Also, I read in developer help that we can go to any screen using URL API. even David pointed out the same. So when nothing worked..I got an urge to know how can I add it with some custom code. May be I have to do some more research on this to add it with custom programming.

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                                    Jasmine Lee-Oracle
                                    Hi RP,

                                    Sorry, I'm not a programmer, so I have no idea how to write custom code for OPA.

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