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    berklay and sqlite syncronization.

      Dear all,

      Im planinig for some teting on sqlite and berklay clientdb. Here are my questions?
      1. Will the berklay or sqlite be coppied to client device same way as Olite client DB? Still i do not see berkley db in MDW and are those going to be changed
      2. Wll the dmagent, msync, and updates will work same way as Olite..
      ie... in olite we give user/password and url for dmagent setup url looks like http://hostname:1025/webtogo (will this be same for sqlite and berkley)
      3. Will the orace will be similar and the client db default to storage card?
      4. What will be the error messages .... we see POL etc in olite and where are the error manuals?
      5. what is the meaning web-to-go not available in new releases ?? Are you refering the oracle mobile server management part like what we use in http://hostname:1025/webtogo (if the admin part not availble what would be the mechanism of adding users/devices/manage applications etc... done..
      6. Will there be a release with new changes in oracle mobile server after 10.3...

      7. When vb .net is used in development what is the dlll available for win mobile 6.x device applications (System.Data.SQLite) or any other and from where can i download them.
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          vino - oracle
          I will answer some of those queries

          1. If you meant client installation for bdb/sqlite, then yes. The installation for the client will be available for bdb/sqlite similar to olite.
          2. Yes, dmagent, msync and update will remain the same. The syntax remains the same except for the URL. It will now be http://server:port/mobile instead of http://server:port/webtogo
          3. Orace will be similar. I do not know about the default db storage location. I think it may default to Orace.

          5. The Webtogo client installation will not be available in the new release. The server side i.e. oracle mobile server management (mobile manager) remains.
          6. Yes, there is an upcoming release after 10.3. It will be 11.x. I do not know the exact version info.

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            Hi Vino,

            I installed on a windows xp with sp3 . It works as usual but when creating olite it worked as usual but i got a error when try to install sqlite client on a win mob 6.5 . it just said to restart the application thats all.
            WHen creating the publication still on this release i do not see bdb. its only lite and sqlite.
            Still with webtogo works.

            I hope that 11. will have all these and we have to wait till that. It is unfortunate that mobile sever does not have a version for small scale people who has say less than 10 client devices. Is there any mechanism of licencing for people with 10 devices . because the current price of $23000 per processor will have an effect when there are fever people. (Sorry This is an out of the subject).

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              vino - oracle
              What is the error when you are trying to install sqlite client on WM 6.5?

              You will need to get in touch with the product management/sales regarding pricing.
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                1)concerning win 6.5 , did you install the latest patches? there are some bug fixes for sqllite.
                2)cocnerning bdb, one latest patch(basically not the latest but the one before) is supposed to give bdb on olite.check oracle support site. when you install it you can see the bdb client along with the olite and sqlite. but to be honest i didnt managed to make it work. please check berkeley db on olite
                3)concerning licenseing please contact oracle sales. we got a really good deal for olite+oracle 11g with client licenses for win ce. i guess this dependes on local sales.
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                  vino - oracle
                  The upcoming release will have BDB as a supported scenario in MDW.
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                    Dear all,
                    Sorry for not conecting during the past since i was away from this.. Any way it is nice to hear that thisngs are bundle with new release. I saw mobile server 11g is available and could not test anything on it. And hope to do soon.