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    Disabling Users in EPM or IOP ?

    Lokesh Rathi
      Hi ,

      How User can be deleted or removed from the IOP ? Users should be added or deleted frequently and in that case wherever user references left in the IOP, it will show error while doing re import of model. Please suggest how it is handled in more efficient way ?

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          Deleting user from IOP is not available. IOP uses fallback mechanism to store users. Even if user is deleted from EPM, those users will be stored in IOP database for history. Those users will be shown in red color.

          If you are importing IOP fallback users before importing metadata, you should not get errors. Please refer auto generated migrate script for importing IOP fallback users.

          For deleting/disabling users from EPM, you can refer shared services console user guide.
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            Lokesh Rathi
            Hi ,

            First IOP 11.X version we either need to delete the User or deactivate the user form EPM.

            If we delete it in EPM > User no longer visible in IOP
            If we deactivate it in EPM > User is visible in IOP but errrored out while importing the model.

            The only way I can see it is possible is : Remove the user from everywhere you have assigned it in model (eg key metrics, constraints, security filters, analysis types etc.) and then export and then import it.

            Also i am not sure if the fallback users are the same what is generated as csv file.

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              Can you Run following commands before importing the model in your migrate script?

              stage replace from file \"%INTERLACE_HOME%\export\migration\data\users.csv\" using file \"load-users-migration.xml\""
              load update users
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                IOP doesnt do user and group management. They are managed externally and only the artifacts created in IOP are managed in IOP. These have owners. So, if you assign explicit owners and then delete those owners, then you need to use come and remove the users from IOP artificats.

                I dont understand why you need to import and export.