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      How is the work flow of struts. How thw execution begins in struts.. Can you explain me the struts execution from begining to end.
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          Why are you not reading the documentation?
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            how it starts..whether from web.xml or config.xml.?
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              Both and it's struts-config.xml not simply config.xml.
              You should be reading the documentation - this will get you nowhere.
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                890708 wrote:
                how it starts..whether from web.xml or config.xml.?
                Configuration files do not start anything, they are just text files that are read in by pieces of code -already running- to configure themselves and possibly other components as well.

                The fact that you have to ask these questions and the fact you are apparently completely unwilling to read documentation is alarming. Do you at least know how a basic servlet/JSP environment works? How a servlet engine like Tomcat is used?