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    kcore file

      within /proc folder there is a file named kcore which is of 3.9 G ,i have RHEL 4.5 whats the purpose of this file , is it safe to remove this file to recliam 3.9G space?
      [oraprod@dbprod proc]$ pwd
      [oraprod@dbprod proc]$ du -h kcore
      3.9G    kcore
      [oraprod@dbprod proc]$
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          /proc - special file system for managing/monitoring system. Realy this files don't have space on the disk.

          /proc/kcore - file for mapping physical memory.

          You can't give more space after removing this file, but can get more problem.

          This file will present after reboot.

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            Like all other files below /proc the kcore file is only a virtual file. It contains the RAM the kernel can allocate. Therefore this should not be touched or read. It is nothing to worry about. This file doesn't use actual disk space and only exists virtually. On 64-bit systems the size of /proc/kcore is even 128TB because that's the absolute limit of what 64-bit systems can allocate.
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              You cannot remove the /proc/kcore file:

              [root@ol1 ~]# rm /proc/kcore
              rm: remove regular file `/proc/kcore'? y
              rm: cannot remove `/proc/kcore': Operation not permitted
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