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    Value set not working in responsibility

      Hello everyone,
      I created a custom responsibility and added a custom concurrent program to it (specifically the payroll run concurrent program). Now this concurrent program has a value set attached to it (PY_SRS_PAYROLL_GB) to select the payroll name. My custom concurrent program works great when attached to the Global Super HRMS Manager responsibility, but when attached to my custom responsibility, the value set say list of values contains no entries.

      This is the body of the value set:

      where pay.business_group_id =
      and fnd.session_id = userenv('sessionid')
      and fnd.effective_date between pay.effective_start_date
      and pay.effective_end_date
      and popmf.ORG_PAYMENT_METHOD_ID =
      and popmf.CURRENCY_CODE = 'GBP'
      order by pay.payroll_name

      Any ideas? Could I have gone wrong somewhere in my responsibility definition? I set the data group to Standard for the Human Resources application. This matches the Global Super HRMS Manager responsibility.

      Thank you
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          Hello, I noticed something. I attached a parameter to my concurrent program to display the session_id. The session id's generated by the concurrent program while using my custom responsibility cannot be found in the table FND_SESSIONS. But when I attach this concurrent program to another responsibility, the session_id generated is found in the FND_SESSIONS table.
          Any idea what I could be doing wrong?
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            Thanks its solved .
            Solution is adding Navigator: Disable Multiform. function to custom menu.
            This is an AOL function that should be included on all menus (custom or standard) to allow session_id to be populated.

            From: Payroll: Value Set issue