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    Need some JMF and RTP advice

      Hello everyone,

      I am developing an audio-conferencing type application in Java, but I'm new to JMF. So I need your help in figuring out a few things. I'll mention them one by one.

      1) Each node will be sending at most one audio stream, but no limits on how many it can receive. Should I use a single RTPManager, or separate managers for sending and receiving?

      2) What would be the proper way to enable participants to control the sending of streams? For example, nodes in the conversation should be able to "turn their microphone on and off" when desired. To achieve this, is it proper to create and destroy RTPManagers when needed? Or should I just call start/stop on the SendStream objects to temporarily disable sending of data? In this case, how can I signal the receivers that I'm about to send/ stop sending? I assume that the "bye" event is sent when the RTPManager is disposed.

      3) Is it possible to just remove the SendStreams without disposing the RTPManagers? There's the method createSendStream()... but is there an equivalent of destroySendStream() or the like?

      Please post your suggestions,
      Thanks in advance.

      I should also mention that I intend to use a separate single transport/channel using RTPConnector, which is the reason I think I need to use the same RTPManager for both transmission and reception.

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