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    EBS is creating users in OID, when it shouldn't. Wrong profiles?

    Alex Stanciu
      I'm integrating EBS 12.1.6 with OAM 11g and OID11g. I've got Single Sign On working fine, but I noticed that when a user is created in EBS, it automatically gets created in OID too.

      My users will be manually created in both OID and EBS through other processes so I really just need them to be linked. I registered the instance and oid with provisionType=4 (bidirectional sync no create).

      I have these profile options set:
      Applications SSO Auto Link User: Enabled
      Applications SSO Login Types: Both
      Application SSO LDAP Synchronization: Enabled
      Applications SSO Enable OID Identity Add Event: Disabled
      Link Applications user with OID user with same username: has no value

      But I can't find documentation on what these various options do.

      Anyone have any experience with this?

      Thanks very much