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    Custom Authentication Plug-in in OAM


      As per the requirement of our project, we are supposed to implement SSO to protect the client's resources. Now in our environment we are currently using OAM, Web-logic, OID and OVD.
      The question here is, that for SSO implementation, we are supposed to create Custom Authentication plug-in's in OAM.
      When authentication would happen, the request for authentication would be passed on to a Third Party SSO.. After authentication, third party SSO will post the request back to OAM. So authentication plug in should validate the session generated by third party SSO and generate OAM session.

      Since I'm a newbie here and not much acquainted with the knowledge of Authentication plug-in, it would be great to get some pointers.
      Would really be helpful, if at all someone can redirect me to some useful documentation regarding the same.

      I've been through the oracle docs for authentication, but couldn't actually find out how things work out, though i'm aware of what exactly authentication plug-in is used for.