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    Oracle DatabaseLite Mobile Server Error  clog: HeliosSession.startSession:

      Hi all,

      Have installed Oracle Database Lite as Standalone
      Repository on 11g release 2 standard edition

      All installed on red hat linux 5 32 bit

      Applied patches in order
      Patch Installation
      1) 11058713(CAB ONE-OFF)
      2) 12812978 (ONE-OFF Consolidated patch )
      3) 11671293 (BDB support)

      Get the following error in err.log after applying consolidated patch 12812978

      clog: HeliosSession.startSession: MANDATORY: ALL:
      Exception: java.lang.Exception: USER_INVALID in external auth; logon denied.
      USER_INVALID in external auth; logon denied.
      java.lang.Exception: USER_INVALID in external auth; logon denied.
      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.initConvIS(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.recvCompressed(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.recvRec(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.startSession(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.lite.sync.resume.Client$1.run(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.lite.sync.resume.ThreadPool$PoolTask.run(Unknown Source)

      Have searched all the threads but not able to understand why this is happening. I have not even deployed an application on the server as yet.

      Does anybody have any clue as to what i can do to solve this issue

      Thanks in advance