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    opmn server issue

      Greetings, I'm trying to install OBIEE 11g on Oracle VM running Linux 5 and i'm having a couple of issues.

      My Configuration Progress always fails at this point: Creating ASInstance

      the error log states the following:

      Caused by: oracle.as.provisioning.util.ConfigException:
      Error creating ASInstance instance1.
      An internal operation has failed: Error in starting opmn server
      Operation aborted because of a system call failure or internal error

      If i try to run opmn server manually, i get this error:

      can not resolve localhost.localdomain for interface any
      opmnctl start: failed

      I've seen posts about this issue already and they always say to edit the /etc/hosts file. I have done so and it looks like this now: localhost.localdomain localhost localhost.localdomain localhost
      ::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
      ::1 localhost.localdomain localhost


      I have set my IP to be static, I've installed the Database, I've created the repositories using RCU, i've installed WebLogic prior to running OBIEE, so I have no idea why the hell this is happening.

      Any thought will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.