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    Issue is de-serializing string containing Date value where time is > 14:00


      I am trying to de-serialize an xml file using JAXB Unmarshaller class containing the following node


      The property and getter and setter defined for the above field are

      private Date Dateofsubmission = null;

      public Date getDateofsubmission()
           return Dateofsubmission;
           public void setDateofsubmission(Date Dateofsubmission)
           this.Dateofsubmission = Dateofsubmission;

      when JAXB unmarshalls, I am getting 'null' for the property when the time is greter than 14:00.
      For example if the xml is <dateofsubmission>2011-10-03-14:00</dateofsubmission> and everything works fine.

      I was wondering what it takes to make it working for all the times.