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      Is this product ready for production yet? I see in the download area that this is for development and test only.

      Please let me know if this is can be licensed and used in production.
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          Hi Ranov,

          No, OWLCS cannot be licensed, and no plans to make it licensable at this time. Suggest you take a look at these licensable products from CGBU which contain similar features and functionalities: Oracle Communications Converged Application Server (OCCAS) and Oracle Communications Presence (OCP).


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            Please. where can i find the download of OCP and Oracle Communicator client

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              Hi Mina,

              Oracle Communicator Client is bundled with Oracle Communication Mobility Server (OCMS). It is available only for demo and non-production uses, and not licensable for production deployments. OCMS is downloadable from OTN.

              Regarding OCP (Oracle Communications Presence), here is the page on OTN:


              It is a licensable product at this time, and downloadable from eDelivery as inidcated on the download tab in the page.

              Oracle Communicator Client is not part of OCP and cannot be used with OCP.

              - Dev