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    Upgrade to PT 8.51 - Crystal Reports 2008 is defaulting to old PT version

      Hi Folks:

      As part of upgrading to Peopletools 8.51, a developer is making sure Crystal Reports 2008 works on his workstation.
      The install when smoothly where a custom or delivered report can be opened.

      However, with the report open - choosing menu option"Verify Database" results in a prompt to login with the old version of Peopletools (i.e. 8.48.10).

      The old version of PT was removed from the workstation but CR 2008 still prompts for the 8.48 PT version.

      A re-install of 8.51 was completed - same result.

      Has anyone run into this?

      Is there a way to get CR 2008 to use the 8.51 PT version?