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    Upload audio file to http server

      I want to say from start that I am a beginner in j2me programming.
      So, I have to do a project which includes a file uploading. I want to upload an audio file to a http server from my mobile application and then I have to play the audio file. The second part I know how to do it (using MMAPI), but I don't know how to upload the audio file. Can anybody help me with an example or with any ideas on how to do it?
      I tried with this: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/HTTP_Post_multipart_file_upload_with_J2ME but I didn't succeed.

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          Hi wandrew,

          I think the sample link you've posted is a pretty complete ,simple and working example .. so if you run into issues with that you should at least post the exact exception (or even better search yourself what that exception means cause that is actually the way you really learn how to resolve it ;))
          or you might just contact the author of the script you've posted for help.