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    Workspace stuck at Authenticating User

      We've been having to restart the Hyperion Workspace - Agent Service about 1x per week because users can no longer log into Workspace. The screen gets stuck at "autenticating user". Can someone tell me what the Workspace Agent does and why we seem to be getting stuck? Planning, Essbase, Financial Reports are all still working fine. I don't know why but I believe it has something to do with FR.
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          Mehmet Sevinc
          We had a similar issue and opened an SR with Oracle Support. Their recommendation was to turn usage and event tracking off. These are under the Administer menu in Workspace:


          Since turning these off, we haven't had the issue. However, we'd like these to be turned on and I believe the SR is still open for this purpose. Try the same and see if it resolves your issue. I will send another update with Oracle's recommendation.

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            Thanks for the response. However, I currently do not have Event Tracking turned on in Workspace. Has anyone else had issues getting stuck at "Authenticating User" when trying to log into Workspace?