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    TSAM error reading the TUXCONFIG file

    J Dorsey

      I recently began experimenting with TSAM and had some initial troubles with the configuration. The LMS server would start successfully, but after starting the TSAM manager (default apache-tomcat server) I received the following error in my ULOG.

      154127.machine!LMS.18500.8624.1: LIBTUX_CAT:607: ERROR: Cannot open section MACHINESSECT of the TUXCONFIG: -1

      I found that the LMS server was attempting to read the TUXCONFIG file from an invalid location. It always truncated the path of the file to 8 characters. For example, if I stored the tuxconfig file at "C:\TSAM\tuxconfig" it would attempt to read the file "c:\TSAM\t". When this file didn't exist, it would create a file in its place (with some additional characters) and log the above error in the ULOG. This would happen ~8 times per second. After I shorted the full file name to less than 8 characters (e.g. "c:\tc") the agent connected to the manager successfully and I was able to begin using the functionality. Here are some of the file names created when the server could not find the file - "tuxcoP¾`", "tuxcoP¾_", "doоf", "dopùb", etc.

      Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this type of problem? I am running Windows 7 64-bit using Tuxedo 11gR1, also 64-bit.


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          Can you tell me the platform you tried?

          Yu Wang
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            Todd Little-Oracle
            Hi Jonathan,

            Windows 7 is not a supported Tuxedo server platform. The only thing supported on Windows 7 is the Tuxedo client installation. Can you try this on a supported platform such as Windows Server 2008?

            Todd Little
            Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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              Shixiang Zhou-Oracle

              I just run Tuxedo 11gR1 ( 11gR1 ( under Windows 7 64bit machine. No any problem observed.

              My steps,
              1)     Download 32bit installers for both Tuxedo 11gR1 ( 11gR1 (;
              2)     Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition;
              3)     Run simpapp with TSAM;

              Windows 7 64bit machine

              If you download 64bit installer for Tuxedo 11gR1 ( 11gR1 (, you might fail to compile client/server for simpapp example at Windows 7 64bit machine.

              Therefore, we suggest you download 32bit installers for both Tuxedo 11gR1 ( 11gR1 (, and try again.

              call "C:\VS90\VC\bin\vcvars32.bat"

              set TUXDIR=C:\bea\tuxedo11gR1
              set APPDIR=C:\bea\tuxedo11gR1\samples\atmi\simpapp
              set PATH=%TUXDIR%\bin;%APPDIR%;%PATH%
              set TUXCONFIG=%APPDIR%\tuxconfig


              IPCKEY          123456

              #IPCKEY          123456

              DOMAINID     simpapp
              MASTER          simple
              MAXACCESSERS     10
              MAXSERVERS     5
              MAXSERVICES     10
              MODEL          SHM
              LDBAL          N


              "YourMachine"     LMID=simple

                   LMID=simple     GRPNO=1     OPENINFO=NONE


              simpserv     SRVGRP=GROUP1 SRVID=1

              LMS SRVGRP=GROUP1 SRVID=90 CLOPT="-A -- -l localhost:8080/tsam" RESTART=N