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    swap config suggestions

      We have three M5000 servers (with 256gb RAM each) in an environment where we are running multiple solari 10 containers on each server. I keep running into application issues where java processes are unable to start because of OOM errors. Physical memory is abundant, but swap is another story. The servers were originally configured w/ 16gb swap. When we first saw this issue, we grew it to 32gb and now 64gb after seeing the issues again.

      My question is: What is the best practice regarding swap size for a solaris container environment?
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          Its mostly depends on the applications you are running on the Solaris container. for oracle database you can follow this guideline as an initial sizing for swap size:
          RAM     SIZE SWAP SPACE
          Between 1 GB and 2 GB     1.5 times the size of RAM
          Between 2 GB and 16 GB     Equal to the size of RAM
          More than 16 GB     16 GB

          You can check http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E19253-01/817-5093/fsswap-31050/index.html for general guidelines.

          But i will advice you allocate at least swap size that is equal or greater than the RAM (except u are using RAM of 32-128GB!!!)

          NOTE: for the issues you are having...better check for memory leakages! libumem can be helpful for your troubleshooting.