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    type casting

      Dear frnds

      the following question may sound very stupid or silly but would like to know it..

      for example i have arraylist for the class A

      is it possible to type cast the list to class B

      Thank you in advance.
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          Why don't you try it and see what happens?
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            Assuming Foo is castable to Bar , you can do
            List<Bar> baz = (List<Bar>)(List) new ArrayList<Foo>();
            But , the simpler (and probably correct) way is just have both lists as List<Bar>
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              That's not type safe. If you'd kept another reference to the list as List<Foo>() then insert an item of class Bar, or another subclass thereof, the the List<Foo> reference would contain an item which wasn't of class Foo.

              This is where "bounds" come in.
              List<Foo> lfo = new ArrayList<Foo>(10);
              List<? extends Bar> baz = lfo;
              baz.add(new Bar());  .... compilation error
              This creates a list reference which can contain a list of any subclass of Bar. It will, however, be effectively read-only.