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    Good values for rtcpBandwidthFraction and rtcpSenderBandwidthFraction


      I needed to initialize the RTPManager with a given CNAME, so I had to use the constructor
      initialize(SessionAddress[] localAddresses,
                                      SourceDescription[] sourceDescription,
                                      double rtcpBandwidthFraction,
                                      double rtcpSenderBandwidthFraction,
                                      EncryptionInfo encryptionInfo)
      But I'm not sure what values I should pass in for rtcpBandwidthFraction and rtcpSenderBandwidthFraction.

      Could anyone suggest values that would be "good" or typical? Currently I have 0.1 for rtcpBandwidthFraction and 0.5 for rtcpSenderBandwidthFraction.