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    Jnlp .jar download


      I am making a java web start application. I have so many jar files, which are being used by that application...I am adding the jar files like this:

      <jar href="lib/appframework-1.0.3.jar"/>
      <jar href="lib/swing-worker-1.1.jar"/>

      Actually When I try to run the application offline, it works fine. But when I try to run the application online, it gets very slow...it takes time to download jar files(I think so).....and it takes five minutes to execute a functionality by the application. I don't know how can I fix this. The size of some of the jar files in the resources are big...

      Please let me know the solution of this problem!

      Thank you.
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          If you don't already have try adding <update check="background"/> to see if it would help.
          Also, usually you would have your supporting jars defined with download="lazy" to help your app startup time.
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            Please post full JNLP file here.
            How big is "big" here?

            Do you have <update check="background"> in your JNLP file?

            Debug hints:
            * Enable java console, enable verbose tracing (http://download.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/webnotes/tsg/TSG-Desktop/html/plugin.html#gcexdf)
            and see what is going on when application takes longer than you expect

            * Use http sniffer tools to trace network connections on startup (e.g. wireshark). Your goal is to have 0 network connections when application is cached.