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    Oracle Database Mobile Server 11g is out

      Oracle Database Mobile Server 11g is released, please post your comments when you get hands on it


      New Features in 11g

      * Support for Java SE, including SE Embedded
      * Device Management for Android platforms
      * Automatic sync for Android and Blackberry platforms
      * Support for Oracle Glassfish
      * Support for Java 1.6
      * Better integration with Oracle Berkeley DB, including encryption support
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          I am using ADF Mobile Browser/Fusion Web Application. I want to know how can I interact with the mobile database and the mobile database server.
          Can I use this feature in my mobile browser website and any direction in how to achieve this?
          Thanks in advance.

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            Have you looked at the Oracle ADF Mobile Client? It has a tutorial for BB devices. Not sure of the status of Android and iOS for ADF Mobile Clients though.
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              Marius H
              In the release notes for 11g, I find this:

              "The Oracle Lite Mobile Client is desupported in this release. The Sync Control APIs for the Oracle Lite Mobile Client are still provided in this guide, but will be removed when the Oracle Lite Mobile Client is fully deprecated.

              Supported mobile clients include the Berkeley DB and SQLite Mobile Clients.

              I am not sure I understand. Will I still be able to use Olite db with the Sync Control API for Oracle lite (like before), or does it mean that the sync control APIs now work only with SQLite and BDB? We are in the process of porting our app from WM6.1 to Android. If we install the latest Mobile server, will I have to change my WM6.1 app so that it supports SQLite or BDB?

              I think the latter is the case, but I became unsure when I read the release note.
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                judging by http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E22663_01/doc.11100/e22681/instsqlite.htm Figure 2-1 Mobile Client Setup Page

                and the rest of the documentation (havent tried it out myself yet)i think that you can not find the olite client in the packaging wizard, nor you can download cab file for this type of client .

                but if you already have one olite client it will be able to sync with the server,since the server still supports the olite sync apis
                i think that you will be forced to port your wm6 app to bdb or sqllite if you want to use olite 11g