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    Problems with changing a custom PL/SQL package in Integrated SOA Gateway

      Hi All,

      my colleague already postet the following issue in the "EBS General Discussion" forum, but maybe that this is the better location for it:

      I need some help on how to change a custom PL/SQL package in ISG integration repository:

      I already uploaded my custom PL/SQL package to the integration repositoy some time ago. Now I have made some changes to PL/SQL record/table types defined in the package (added some fields and removed some others). These changed record/table types are used by a procedure I already uploaded to the integration repository. When regenerating the WSDL for my PL/SQL package in integration repository I get an error that the wrapper for respective procedure can't be found. When checking up the SQL types that were automatically generated (by JPublisher) for corresponding PL/SQL types, these generated SQL types are invalid...
      So it seems that in one case JPublisher generated an empty SQL type (with no attributes). In another case JPublisher generated the SQL type with old attribute list, so it didn't adopt the changes of corresponding PL/SQL type in the package...

      Can anybody tell me how to get the changes of a cusotm PL/SQL package updated in ISG? Or is there any possibility to first remove a whole PL/SQL package from the ISG integration repository (and getting rid of all old automatically generated SQL types, wrappers...), so that I can newly upload my PL/SQL package afterwards?