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    Apex 4.1 tabular form - dynamic read only attribute for fields

      Hi all,
      I have a question regarding the possibility to change, in dynamic way, the read-only attribute of a tabular form field.

      In APEX 4.0 I implemented a solution using the suggestions that I have found in this post How To Conditionally Make A Specific Row In A Tabular Form Read Only.

      Now I'm using APEX 4.1 and I would like to re-implement this requirment using tabular form dynamic action (if it is possible)

      My tabular form is constituted by thirteen columns: one named YEAR and twelve called C01,C02 .....C12.
      it show like this :

      2011| xx | yy|.............| zz|
      2012| xx | yy|.............| zz|

      then in the same page i have 2 item named PX_CUR_YEAR and PX_CUR_MONTH

      I need (on page load) to make read-only only some fields in this tabular form based on a logic like the following :
      (I'm using a PLSQL like syntax but I know that probably i would need to use a javascript)

      for each row(r) in tabular form
      one of the twelve field (c01 ... c12) should be read-only if the value of the field year(r) is <= :PX_CUR_YEAR and to_number(substr(field_name,2,2)) is <= :PX_CUR_MONTH

      in my example
      if the value of item PX_CUR_YEAR is '2011' and the value of the item PX_CUR_MONTH is '02' then the fields C01 and C02 of row 1 shoul be read-only and all other fields in this row and in row 2 are editable.

      Any suggestion ?