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    install request using  on Vista/SP2  with IE9 becomes modal reboot needed

      I am using the following to keep the install process local


      // check if current JRE version is greater than 1.6.0
      alert("versioncheck " + deployJava.versionCheck('1.6.0_10+'));
      if (deployJava.versionCheck('1.6.0_10+') == false) {                  
      userInput = confirm("You need the latest Java(TM) Runtime Environment. Would you like to update now?");
      if (userInput == true) { 

      // Set deployJava.returnPage to make sure user comes back to
      // your web site after installing the JRE
      deployJava.returnPage = location.href;

      // install latest JRE or redirect user to another page to get JRE from.

      When the Jre is not present, an install is agreed to and a dialog appears saying that

      1.7_01 estimate to download is zero, and the browser hangs, I cannot close the window
      other aspects of the system are working. I cannot move the browser window. I have waited
      over ten minutes. It fails each time as an admin user.

      Windows Vista SP2 x86
      IE9 9.08.8112.16421

      Has anyone else seen this before I file a bug?