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    TableView - Changing the height of a TableRow dynamically

      I can change the prefHeight in my subclassed Tablerow, but the change in Height is not realized untill I resize the window. How do I force a resize, re-layout of all the Tablerows to see the height immediately?

      Is there a preferred method? I tried the layout() method of the encapsulating TableView to no avail.

      NOTE: Jonathon Giles has done some work in this arena already in his DataFX project (Thanks!). Specifically for ListViews in his 'DynamicCellHeightSample' demo. I noticed there were new CellFactories.. ExpandOnMouseEventCellFactory.forListView, and ExpandOnMouseEventCellFactory.forTableView.. but the TableView was not implemented. Assuming there were problems?

      Interested in any feedback.. My end goal would be the ability to resize the Tablerows by dragging (like the columns).