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    Changes to startup HTML file that is loaded when you start the Oracle NCA

      As part of Load Testing using HP Load Runner, there is a need to edit the startup HTML file that is loaded when Oracle NCA application is started. The change requested below is:

      Edit the startup file that is called when the applet viewer begins. Modify the line:

      <PARAM name="serverArgs … fndnam=APPS">
      and add the Oracle key "record=names":
      <PARAM name="serverArgs … fndnam=APPS record=names">

      Also, if the application has a startup HTML file that references a Forms Web CGI configuration file formsweb.cfg (a common reference), you may encounter problems if you add record=names to the Startup file. For this, please refer to the attached text file.

      Will making any of these changes impact the CRM application?

      Thanks in advance!