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    Problem with Business Process Publisher and AIA

      After installing AIA, I installed the Business Process Publisher following the instructions in the AIA Installation Guide at http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E21764_01/aia.htm, sec. 8.3: "Manually uploading reference process models to business process publisher".

      Since I could not find the Publisher installation files in the AIAFP install I downloaded from OTN, I used the Publisher installation files from the BPA OTN download (files Oracle_BPA_Suite_11.1.1.4_OTN_1of2.zip and Oracle_BPA_Suite_11.1.1.4_OTN_2of2.zip - I did not install BPA before installing Publisher).

      Now when I launch Publisher the login page says "Currently, no exports are available. You can only log in to the administration area at this time". If I login, the new page does not show any AIA contents, only the message "There are currently no profiles available". (I am not sure which “exports” and “profiles” it is talking about).

      Evidently something is missing, but I cannot figure out what.

      Thank you,