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    Repercussions of Deinstalling Multimedia

      Oracle 11gR2 two node RAC Windows Server 2008 64bit

      As we do not currently explicitly use Oracle Multimedia or Oracle Spatial, I am looking to uninstall this component. Has anyone done this? If so, are there any adverse effects on the other database components that i should be aware of? I've run @%ORACLE_HOME%\ord\im\admin\imremov.sql in a test environment without any apparent adverse effects, but i want to cast a wide net before I act on our RAC.

      thank you in advance,
      John Reynolds
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          The Oracle Multimedia README.txt has the following details:

          Deinstall Notes

          Oracle Multimedia ships an installation removal script. The database
          component removal script (catcmprm.sql) should be used to invoke the
          Oracle Multimedia removal script to ensure there are no components
          installed that depend on Oracle Multimedia.

          Follow these steps to deinstall Oracle Multimedia:

          1) Start SQL*Plus and connect as SYSDBA.

          2) Invoke the component removal script, catcmprm.sql, with parameter ORDIM
          to remove Oracle Multimedia if no other components that depend on Oracle
          Multimedia are installed:

          -> SQL> @<ORACLE_HOME>/rdbms/admin/catcmprm.sql ORDIM (on Linux/UNIX)
          @<ORACLE_HOME>\rdbms\admin\catcmprm.sql ORDIM (on Windows)

          If a component that depends on Oracle Multimedia is installed, for example,
          Oracle Spatial, the following message will be displayed and the Oracle
          Multimedia removal script will not be invoked:

          ORDIM cannot be removed as it has the following dependencies:
          Component: SDO Namespace: SERVER

          If no dependent components are installed, the Oracle Multimedia removal
          script will check whether Oracle Multimedia is being used. A message will
          be displayed indicating whether or not Oracle Multimedia is being used.
          For example:

          Oracle Multimedia is not being used


          Oracle Multimedia object types are being used

          You will then be asked:

          Are you sure you want to remove Oracle Multimedia (Y/N):

          If the first character of your response is 'Y' or 'y', Oracle Multimedia
          will be removed with force regardless of whether or not it is being used.
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