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    Reports Business Service and Siebel

      Patched Siebel to and very grateful for the improvements brought along with this version and ACR 633 for BIP integration. The patch and ACR were straightforward with just a few document defects (new views missed / renamed sticks in my mind. However, it took me a while to get the Reports Business Service.

      If you have downloaded the zip file containing the BIP Business Service, Report Output BO, 2 workflows and the input arguments for testing (or have a previous build like us) you may run into the same problems so read on.

      There are some new undocumented arguments to the GenerateBIPReport method of the XMLP Driver Service. These can be seen in the white paper (27-Sep-2011) Using Oracle BI Publisher for Siebel Proposals [ID 1362460.1]. Look carefully in the code! PositionId was certainly required but I forget which of TimeZone, ReportOutputLocale and ReportOutputLang are also required (we are passing them all). The white paper came too late for me.

      I recommend to everyone to trace the GenerateBIPReport method for themselves. I was fascinated to see that a PDQ is created and then deleted containing the Bookmark argument so [Case Num]="1-12345678" needs to be "'HLS Case'.Search = "[Case Num] = ""1-12345678""".

      That said, I love the product. I cannot help but think some time down the line Siebel/Oracle will fully replace existing proposal functionality so the workflows we have in Case, Service Agreement and elsewhere may be redundant but that is no bad thing.

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          Hi Steve,

          I notice this in as well - [http://www.mroshaw.co.uk/OllerenshawIT/index.php/2011/10/bip-and-siebel-8-1-1-5/] .

          I've heard on the grape vine that will fix a lot of stability issues with BIP Report integration. The eventual aim being to move all the Repository config required with ACR633 to move into the Business Service class code. Time will tell...


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            I looked a bit further into this white paper and the code behind it. There is at least one method argument (thankfully optional) incorrect. However, I have a wider concern on why they would discuss this as a way of replacing proposals without looking at non-scripting alternatives. I understand people may need a way to copy publisher documents as attachment (and may not want to use the undocumented FINS Industry BC methods) but for a typical "proposal replacement" the document would not need to be moved to the attachment objects it can remain in the Report Output BC.

            This can be done entirely in declarative alternatives. I chose to extend the Report Output BC to contain parent row id (why on earth this is missing in the first place is beyond me) and duplicated the applets so we have in other business objects such as Case a search spec for the parent row id = ParentFieldValue(Id). The Report Output List Applet was also replaced with a modified search spec to not show where parent row id is populated so people cannot delete "Case Reports". The production of the report is of course slightly quicker since the copy/paste to attachment is not needed.

            I cannot help but think Siebel came up short on this in the rush to get something out and I do appreciate the improvements in this release. I just hope, indeed expect, other developers to also look at other solutions and that the copy function is made available as hidden BS in a future release (as it is for FINS) but is an option rather than the basis. Give us the parent row id in vanilla Siebel!