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    JMS Froeign Server Connection Factory not findable in jndi

      On weblogic 10.3 I have configured a foreign server. When I attempt to connect to the ConnectionFactory from a deployed application I get the following error

      NamingExceptionjavax.naming.LinkException: [Root exception is javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: While trying to lookup 'jms.LMBQCF' didn't find subcontext 'jms'. Resolved ''; remaining name 'jms/LMBQCF']; Link Remaining Name: 'jms/LMBQCF'; Link Resolved Object: Reference Class Name: javax.naming.LinkRef
      Type: LinkAddress
      Content: jms/LMBQCF

      Below is the Connection Factory setup (the jndi is being served from ldap)

      Name      Local JNDI Name      Remote JNDI Name
           LMBQCF     LMBQCF     cn=com_sct_ldi_sis_QueueConnFactory,ou=AdministeredObjects

      is there something wrong with how this is setup or is my problem Higher up the chain. I followed the setup for weblogic wonders to create this. The JMS was a pre-existing sun message queue server. The application is being deployed within a servlet, not an ejb.

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          Deleting and recreating the foreign server produced something of a useful result (the connectionfactory and destination now appear in the jndi tree). However I am now left with the following errors
          weblogic.jndi.factories.java.ReadOnlyContextWrapper cannot be cast to javax.jms.Queue
          LMBConnector.java connect 68 jmsconnect.LMBConnector
          LMBConnector.java conn 47 jmsconnect.LMBConnector
          LMBGradesHandler.java pushToLMB 32 lmbwebservice.LMBGradesHandler
          LMBGradeResource.java doPost 39 lmbwebservice.LMBGradeResource
          NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java invoke0 -2 sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl
          NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java invoke 39 sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl
          DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java invoke 25 sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl
          Method.java invoke 597 java.lang.reflect.Method

          and from the server

          There was an error while making the initial connection to the JMS resource named jms/LMBQCF from within an EJB or a servlet. The server will attempt the connection again later. The error was javax.jms.JMSException: [JMSPool:169818]The JMS connection pool named "jms/LMBQCF" has a configured connection factory JNDI name of "jms/LMBQCF". However, an object that is not a javax.jms.ConnectionFactory is bound to that JNDI name. The object bound to that JNDI name has type "weblogic.jndi.remote.DirContextWrapper_1034_WLStub".

          I`m not really sure how to work around this as it appears to be the weblogic wrappers that are giving me grief.