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      Hi guys,
      I am stuck to a very specific problem. I want to add a field to the existing

      inode data structure, but I am not sure where to make the changes. What I want

      to know is where and how to make changes to the inode data

      Also Please explain the problems that may arise in making such changes
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          Just grab the source from the opensolaris project and change it. Note that this however would ruin any compatibility with existing systems, and you would have to recreate all filesystems from scratch, so perhaps its not really what you want to do...

          Perhaps you could let us know exactly what problem you wish to solve?

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            Thank you...can you give me the hint for the starting point to make these changes...because the filesystem is too big to decide a starting piont
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              Which class is this for? This question sounds eerily similar to a project I did while getting my CS degree.
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                Sorry for the late reply...
                Basically we are doing this project as our Final Year University Project...We came across this idea to add a field to the inode structure as it lacks a very important field(according to us)...In order to do this...we need a starting point...So far we have studied data structures like FTS, STAT, INODE and DINODE...but we are still not sure if the control flow we have in mind is correct...Actually we are not getting the link to access the inode directly...We understand that all the references need to be modified in order to support the change we intend to make...
                Can you please guide us in the right direction