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        Lucas Vogel
        A couple of points to this effect:

        - the download does not come with any VS2010 projects or solutions, so you'll have to build/create your own (the upgrade wizard should take care of this)
        - in order to successfully build you might have to change the Platform Toolset property to v90 in each of the projects. I haven't tested this yet so YMMV

        To build 'native' for VS2010 requires some effort. I'm working on putting together a list of steps you have to do in order to do this which I'll be happy to share once I get to that point. So far I ran into problems getting XQilla to compile and had to modify some of the source code.

        Until then, feel free to reach out to me offline (my e-mail address is in my profile) and I can give you some specifics of what I've had to do so far.

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          Dear Rucong,
          Dear Lucas,

          I am sorry for my late answer.
          I didn't manage to make it work with MVS2010, Windows 7 - 64 bit, etc. I don't know "what" is responsible for "this".
          But I made it work with Debian Squeeze and Code::Blocks!

          @Lucas: Did you manage to make it work?

          Best regards to both of you (and others),
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