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    HPCM - GL data into Profitability across Stages

      Hi people!

      I'm facing some issues regards the concepts of usage of HPCM and the level of detail that HPCM should store in Essbase. First I'll give some background of the model and requirements that we must develop:

      We have the General Ledger information scattered across several Legacy systems. FDQM will do the integration.
      General Ledger information comes with GL Account, Cost Center and Entity intersection.
      At a first approach the allocation stage model is going to be like this:

      Stage 1: GL_Account (Accounts 300 members)
      Stage 2: Cost Center, Entity (Cost Center 550 and Entity 300 members)
      Stage 3: Cost Center
      Stage 4: Business Unit, Product, Sales Channel (Business unit 250, Product 40 and Sales Channel 10 members)
      The allocation process flows:
      Stage 1 and 2 to Stage 3
      Stage 3 to 4

      Let’s pick this example for instance:
      The concept of stage 1 is to allocate expenses only considering the GL Account, but it must brings the cost center and entity source intersection, besides the Allocation to target is going to be to Cost Center.
      After the allocation process I must preserve the Source dimension information (GL Account, Cost Center, Entity).

      Could anyone give some high level suggestion on the model that is presented?
      Specifically on the GL data that are input in the model, is there any possibility to load the data, preserving the source detail info (considering Account, Cost Center, Entity) and for the allocation process consider only one dimension as the source of assignment?

      Best Regards,
      --Bruno Alvim.