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    Java.net learning

      Hello Forum, this is my first thread so bear over if this is not in right section.

      I'm a young programmer, still insecure of which Interfaces to choose and what not.
      However, I jumped out into java, now can say that I have the feeling of mastering
      the basics of java, and about ready to move on to classes in the API

      I'm using Robocode to learn the java language.

      Now maybe what I need more is one who
      can guide me every once in a week.
      The part at learning is a problem I can handle myself.

      Anyway I looked around in the oracle java se 7 api,
      and decided to start out with java.Net.

      If someone has experience at that field, you're welcome to
      leave out a comment about which API's matches with

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          Following forum is for network questions.


          Unless you really don't like GUIs then it might be a better idea to start learning swing versus sockets (java.net). Several opinions why that might be better.
          1. You need to learn more about the basics of java
          2. You need to learn about threads before sockets
          3. GUIs have a more immediate success/failure.
          4. To understand sockets you are going to need to know more about your computer and environment. GUIs not so much.
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            1. I want the console/scanner class for I have the mouse/clicks.
            2. Maybe I'll look into the GUI, but no doubt It's for others than me.
            3. I saw the reason to threading after making a multidimensional search for a chess game(still in development).
            4. I definetily want to know more about java.

            The operators I feel like mastering is:

            string mystr[] = new string[5];
            mystr[0] = "x";
            mystr[1] = "y";

            if, else
            if, else if
            if, else if, else

            for-each (this < is_smaller_than ? is_some_thing_in_that : else_its_this)
            post incrementing, pre decrementing
            + - * /
            += -= *=/=
            enum - switch - case
            break continue return
            public class

            My faith is in the trainer.
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              From your last post I'd say: you've not really mastered anything yet--go start in the Java Tutorial and work through it. Once you have done that you can more realistially start to choose what you want to concentrate on learning.


              Once you have that, you may want to look at the Really Big Index: