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    Sun V240 alom and Solaris problem

      Hi all,

      I have following problem with V240 server:

      I don't know alom password, so I want reset it from Solaris. But problem is, that Solaris probably not running on this server (both indicators - system required, activity on front and back side of server is off) and I can't ping IP addresses of server (I swapped HDD to second V240 server, scan interfaces and I found some live IP addresses).

      Before two weeks ago, system required indicator showed some fault. If I connected to serial console, I got SC allert message about low treshold at 3V battery, so I place new battery to motherboard and now is indicator off. So it seems ok from this side.

      Does anybody some idea how to get server to usable state?

      Thanks a lot.
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          Hmm, if i recall correctly you should just be able to power on the system with the power-button while being connected to the console, this will bring you to the ALOM login prompt, but after a minute or two you should get to the ok> prompt, so you can boot/reinstall Solaris and then reset the password with the scadm command..

          If this does not work, try and remove the battery you just replaced for about 2 minutes, then i think it should timeout and you should be able to reach the ok> prompt..

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            Hi abrante,

            thanks for quick reply. I connected to console and waited for a while, but I got:
            Please login:
            Serial line login timeout, returns to console stream.
            Enter #. to return to ALOM.

            If I removed 3V battery from motherboard I got same output.

            Is there some settings to disable ok promt?

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              If you get to the console stream you should be able to get to the OK prompt, did you power on the system using the powerbutton on the front of the system?


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              Yes, there is an option to disable direct access to the ok> prompt, but n that case you should get a password prompt or an error message, not a message that you are connected to the console stream..
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                I did following procedure:

                1) shut down server, unplug power cords
                2) remove 3V battery from motherboard
                3) wait 2 or more minnutes and place battery back
                4) power on server and waiting for ok promp

                without success. Is this procedure correct?

                Thanks a lot
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                  It should.. Unless the system for some reason have a keyboard and a monitor..


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                    Not exactly, this server, hasn't got graphic card. I have second V240 server with VGA card, but If I swapped it and connected monitor, I didn't get any signal to monitor ...

                    So I don't really know what I should do now.