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    How to fire KEY-F6 trigger for only one form, default behavior for others?

      We are using Forms 10g Release 2. Our customer has a requirement like this: In only one form they want the entire form to clear (i.e. Clear Form) when they press F6 (Clear Record).

      Now in our forms we are using the default fmrweb.res. So because of that noting happens when we press F8 in the keyboard now.

      In order to clear the form when user presses F6 keyboard key I did the following to the fmrweb.res .
      # Commented this line 
      #117  : 0 : "F6"             : 62 : "Clear Record"
      # Added these 2 lines to the bottom 
      117 : 0  : "F6"  : 88  : "Function 6"
      117 : 8  : ""    : 62  : ""
      Now, I create a KEY-F6 trigger and form level and put CLEAR_FORM; in that.

      Now, when I run the form and press key F6, the form is cleared. So it works.

      But the problem is this. In other forms when we run and press F6 key we get
      FRM-41008: Undefined function key....
      What I discovered is that when we do the above (i.e. modify the fmrweb.res) we HAVE TO create a KEY-F6 trigger and put the code there.

      Problem is that we have 100s of forms in our application. Since we want this functionality only in this form (i.e. for F6 to clear entire form) and other forms should work as normal what can we do??

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.